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  1. What are the top 10 women's watches?

    What's a good brand for women's watches? Check out the top 10 women's watch brands below.
    1 Longines Longines

    2 OMEGA

    (Started in 1848, the world famous watch brand, the only watch brand to land on the moon, the world's largest watch manufacturing group, the Swiss Swatch Group)

    3 Rolex Rolex

    (Founded in 1908 in Switzerland, Rolex, one of the world's top 500 brands, the world's luxury watch brand, the world's top watch brand, Switzerland)

    4 Casio Casio

    Founded in Japan in 1957, it is a large multinational corporation, a world famous brand, one of the top ten watch brands, Casio Computer Co., LTD.


    (Founded in Switzerland in 1853, the world famous watch brand, the world's largest watch manufacturing

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  2. Top 10 Common watch functions

    Top 10 Common watch functions

    Watch the development of today, many patterns, there are normal time, a single needle of two needles, there is no pointer pure decoration. However, in addition to reading time information, watches have some other common or uncommon functions, some are still very useful, and some are only decorative or technical representatives. Watch in addition to see the time and what functions, today to give you a popular science.

    We often see a watch with a window showing the date or the week, with this function is the calendar table. Common calendar Windows include features such as the date, week, month, year, or phase of the moon. Calendars are displayed by Windows, hands, and small dial. The display form is common Arabic numerals and English letters, the date display is mostly numbers, the week display is mostly English abbreviations. In many wristwatches, some only show the date, and some show both the date and the week. The most common is the window display, more open at 3 o 'clock, 5 o

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  3. Take a look at some of the watches that have served

    Watches are not only popular with the general public, but also in the military field. Different from ordinary watches, military watches must adapt to a variety of harsh environments, so waterproof, antimagnetic, shockproof have strict requirements. At the same time in order to intuitive and convenient to read the time, military watches mostly use large diameter design, and collocation noctilucent pointer and scale, in order to be practical at night and low light combat environment. Ordinary watch to take into account the aesthetic factors shell polishing processing, and the practical priority of the military table is higher than the aesthetic factors, in order to prevent light reflection and exposure of the target, the case and disc mostly black, part of the matte frosted treatment, in order to better achieve the hidden effect. In history, there have been multinational troops equipped with military watches, today we take a look at those who have served.

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  4. Why do many people have watches on their left hand?

    Author: Stuhrling Overseas Watches
    Source: Zhihu
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    Why wear it on the left hand? First, watch design Everyone knows that there is a wrist mark handle on the watch, most of the wrist mark handle is on the right, this design is to let people wear the watch on the left hand, and then the right hand is convenient to adjust the hand mark handle or wind the watch. There are also a few watches like Stuhrling's mechanical watches, which have a hand mark handle on the top, and the watch is more rounded, but most of the watch handle is on the right, so of course it is more convenient to adjust when worn on the left hand. <img src="" data-caption=""  data-size="normal"

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  5. Why do flight attendants wear a nice watch?

    In fact, this problem is very simple. Every company will stipulation that flight attendants must wear watches. Once again, every company and every flight attendant must! Must be! Peggy! Wear! And there must be a complete scale, there are three hands, that is to say, there must be a second hand. No, in case of emergency, the flight attendant needs to take his watch to the cockpit to check his watch with the captain, and then to the cabin to check his watch with other flight attendants. A series of actions such as opening the door in an emergency can be completed within 15 seconds, all of which require a watch to time. In addition, the use time of oxygen masks is limited if the aircraft pressure is released. Therefore, as a qualified flight attendant must have a high-quality watch, which is not only responsible for the work, but also for the safety of passengers.

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  6. Overnight, this "Queen" watch went viral

    Commemorate it in another way Queen Elizabeth II died early this morning Beijing time at the age of 96. The legendary queen, who ascended the throne on February 6, 1952, and was crowned on June 2, 1953, is currently Britain's longest-reigning monarch. What makes people sigh and sigh is that in addition to the fact that the Queen "finally got through all her old colleagues but never got through 2022", there will also be an end to her decades-long "rainbow ICON" outfit . However, as early as February, a watch brand has cleverly placed the Queen's "Rainbow ICON" on the watch face. To commemorate the Queen of England, it would be nice to buy a watch to keep as a souvenir. This year on February 6, to commemorate the queen became the first British monarch to celebrate "Bai Jinxi year" (this time

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  7. New things to see at Geneva Watch Day 2022!

    In May, Geneva once again welcomed a watch event: Geneva Watch Day 2022 as scheduled. Running from Aug 29 to Sept 1, the event features about 40 powerful watch brands.

    Now in its third year, this year's event is also co-sponsored by Bulgari, Breitling, De Bethune, Henri Couture, MB&F, Gerald Genda, Athens Watch and Urwerk, At the same time also joined Jacob&Co, Arnold&Son, goberfoss, howley and many other well-known watchmaking brands.

    Because the founding brand lineup itself is strong enough, so even if the Geneva Watch Day is not held for a long time, but also has a strong influence, is one of the major events in the clock circle in recent years.

    Similar to the previous two events, the 2022 Geneva Watch Day will have dedicated exhibition Spaces open to the public along the shores of Lake Geneva and in the surrounding cities.



    Bulgari, which started

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  8. Casio, Seiko and Western iron City and other Japanese watch development history

    Casio, Seiko and Western iron City and other Japanese watch development history

    Casio, Japan Seiko, West iron City and other Japanese brands of watch development history, although the Japanese watch has a history of more than one hundred years, but the development is not fast, is not famous. However, in the application of quartz technology is a leader, the watch industry out of the world, become a rising star, has become one of the world's largest watch producers, the international market share is increasing. How did Japan increase the value added of watches?

    1. Japan's precision machining technology is not as good as Switzerland's, and its electronics industry is very developed, so it takes advantage of its strengths and avoid its weaknesses. Based on the microelectronics industry, Japan adopts quartz and plastic clocks to produce and occupy the market of middle and low grade watches

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  9. The history of Swiss watches

    The Swiss watch industry appeared in Geneva in the mid-16th century. In 1541, reforms initiated by Jane Kelvin and a ban on the wearing of jewelry forced goldsmiths and other jewelers to turn to a new and independent craft: watchmaking.

    By the end of the century, Geneva watches had gained a reputation for high quality, and watchmakers founded the Geneva Institute of WatchMakers in 1601, the first such association in the world at the time.

    A century later, because Geneva was already crowded with watchmakers, many of them decided to leave the city for the Jura Mountains where they could live.

    The Jura watchmaking industry owes a debt of gratitude to a young goldsmith named Daniel Jane Richard (1665-1741), who first introduced a division of labor into watchmaking.

    More than 60,000 watches were sold in Geneva in 1790.

    These centuries are full of inventions and new developments.

    In 1770, Abraham-Louis Berrelle invented the "Montre a secousses"

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  10. 80% of people wear their watches in the wrong place, where they should be

    Of course you wear a watch on your hand, yes, but where you wear it is also very specific. 80% of people wear their watches in the wrong place

    The correct position should be on the arm, where the joint of our hand is raised and slightly up. This position will not only not cause wrist movement inconvenience, but also better display their beloved watch.

    Worn on the wrist, when the hand moves on the table or rotates the wrist, it will squeeze the watch, not only uncomfortable, but also cause wear and tear.

    On the left hand or the right hand?

    The normal situation of the watch is worn on the non-dominant hand, such as you are right-handed, then normal is worn on the left hand, and vice versa. Because wearing on the non-dominant hand can reduce the probability of collision watch, the vast majority of watches on the market are designed according to wear on the left hand.

    In fact, there has never been a hard and fast rule about which hand to wear. With soyA-BEAN

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